Sunday, September 27, 2015

The 411 on Large Item Pick-up in Darlington

Along with weekly garbage removal, Madison County provides a monthly large item pick-up service.  Especially when you consider that in many parts of the country the only way to have bulk waste removed is to personally haul it to a refuse site and pay a dumping fee, this service provides a huge convenience to residents in the Darlington neighborhood.  

Not sure how to take advantage of the large item pick up service?  Here's what you need to know:

When:  Our pick-up is scheduled to occur during the 3rd week of the month.  While collection most often happens on Thursdays, the trucks could technically come at any point during the week, so items may be placed on the side of the road beginning at 6:00 am the first day of that week.

Where: Items for pickup should be placed on the curbside in front of your home.  (Please avoid placing items in front of other people's yards or vacant lots.)  

What Will Be Picked Up:  Yard waste, furniture, small appliances, etc. can all be picked up.  Note: limbs and trees must be less than 8 ft in length and any grass or leaf clippings should be bagged.  

What Won't Be Picked Up:  Tree stumps, dirt, tires, automotive products, pesticides, paint, shingles, insulation, concrete, bricks and rocks are not accepted.

How Much: The county will remove piles as long as they are no larger than what would fit in a standard pick up truck bed.  

Still have questions?  Read more about our district's large item pick-up policies here: 

You may also contact the district commissioner Phil Vandiver at 256 852 8351 with concerns.